A testimonial of a great Bible Study Books and Resources

Our favorite Bible Studies are from Not Consumed. Here is why:
* Printed or Pdf downloads are available – for people like us not living in the USA, this is perfect for saving the shipping costs which generally amount to more than printing yourself!
* There are different levels available, so my Elementary child & teenager can work together on the same Bible study but on their own level – equipping them both with the same Biblical content allows for great discussions and growth to take place between them as siblings.
* It is super-easy to implement into our morning routine and delivers an instant faith-grower morning time schedule. 
*5 Short daily lessons for 4 weeks helps me as a homeschool mom to direct our Bible study for that month according to the theme the kids are working on. The Fruit of the Tongue helps to reinforce the theme of The Power of Words for a whole month. We have completed My Brothers Keeper, and it has been a blessing to see how this Bible study has transformed our children’s relationship over the month.
*It is directed toward the child and written in an easy to understand tone with short pieces of writing or sketching which helps them to reflect on the message of the day without feeling consumed by too much reading and writing.

Kimberly Sorgius thank you for writing these, we love how it reinforces and strengthens our families relationship with God.
Follow the link below and get your kids a sibling Bible Study!

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