I have spent quite some time to find Afrikaans resources for our children, we have used a fair amount, but this is our list of tried and tested Afrikaans curriculum products, I ONLY list the ones that have genuinely made our journey meaningful or exciting or easy to implement.

1) Reading & Spelling Program / Lees & Spel Program:

2) Primary grades Afrikaans Language Arts Programs:

These 2 programs are very different in its approach, but both are of an exceptional standard, open-and-go, and excellent in laying the foundation needed for further Afrikaans Language learning.

  • Omvattend Afrikaans a complete Language Arts program for Grades 1 – 3 by Willemien Kruger

  • My Afrikaanse Avontuur by Rosa Scheepers is a comprehensive program for pre-school to Grade 3

3) Intermediate to Highschool Afrikaans Language Programs:

These programs are very different in its approach but are all of an exceptional standard, open-and-go, and excellent in building further Afrikaans Language learning.

  • by Marisa Haasbroek well-known author, currently living in the United States, also a homeschool mom has written various E-courses for Afrikaans Language Learners. Written explicitly for Homeschoolers these courses can be taken in conjunction and will provide a comprehensive Afrikaans Language program as well as a comprehensive Afrikaans Writing program developing the learners writing style from a single sentence to writing an essay.
  • ToetenTaal Afrikaanse Taalkuns make use of a holistic or integrated approach to teach grammar, spelling, vocabulary, language, and literacy all in one through writing and reading.

4) Intermediate to Highschool Afrikaans First Additional Language Programs:

  • Kliek Afrikaans is a blended language program that makes use of online as well as book-based learning and can be used for Grades 6 through 12. Even though it is aligned with IEB & CAPS, it is a useful tool at a very affordable price that can be successfully utilized by homeschoolers.

5) Senior Primary to Highschool Afrikaans Literary Study:

  • Sokratiese Literatuur Studie Pdf (Gr 4-12) is the perfect companion to complement any of the above Afrikaans curriculum products. It is an Afrikaans Home, 1st or 2nd Language literature study, and can be re-used and printed through the course of your child’s learning journey and adapted to suit their level.

The Socratic study can be used for any type of literature including short verse or poetry.

It covers the following aspects: (Afrikaans)

•Die elemente van Prosa & Poësie

•Soorte Prosa kuns

•Elemente van Poësie kuns

•Bou van ‘n gedig


•24 Stylfiguur begrippe of gebruike

•Sokratiese notaboek bladsye om enige literêre werk in diepte te bestudeer, volledig met voorblad, agtergrond inligting oor skrywer, boekstudie opsomming van hoofstukke, toepassing van elemente van prosa sluit in bladsye oor die voorbeelde van literêre aspekte, kort samevatting van elemente in die boek / prosa / poësie kuns, indiepte opsomming van storielyn / intrigue, uitgebreide ondersoek na milieu, verskeie bladsye wat handel oor in diepte karakter studie

•Verduideliking van wat Sokratiese Studie behels en tipiese vrae wat jy kan gebruik om ‘n Sokratiese bespreking met jou kind te voer                                         

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You can also read my post in Afrikaans about some of the above resources on our Facebook page just follow the link

6) Afrikaans World History Program for Primary Grades:

  • My Geskiedenis Avontuur by Rosa Scheepers follows the Classical Educational Approach. You can utilize The Story of the World as a spine, but the program includes a complete History reader in Afrikaans.

7) South African Art Series for Primary Grades: (also available in English)

  • Suid-Afrikaanse Kunsreeks vir Kinders is an all-in-one curriculum product with Art History, Art Appreciation as well as Practical. It studies 20 South African artists in total with the use of the 2 books.

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