Drawn to Discover used as a tool to assist in learning difficulties

Drawn to Discover has assisted me in the process of using creativity as a learning tool.  For our little girl who has been challenged with reading and writing difficulties Drawn to Discover meant she could learn precisely in the style that suits her best – visually! By using her best abilities, we have been able to build up her self-confidence, develop excellent fine-motor skills and enjoy the whole process of learning literacy through artistic means.

Many studies have indicated the fine motor skills of drawing and writing increase the brain’s capacity for learning. It is on these studies that Wendy Anderson Halperin, renowned children’s author and an artist have formulated her teaching and own research of over 20 years.

How Early Handwriting and Literacy Instruction Can Improve Student Outcomes” (n.d.) explains how ‘Drawn to Discover’ accomplish the development of highly effective fine motor skills as well as stronger social skills and better self-confidence.

Creative thinking and problem-solving are more important than ever in this digital age, where automation is taking the place of unskilled, and even skilled, labor. That is why we focus on building brainpower. For young children, building that brainpower starts with fine motor skills. It starts with the fingers and thumb manipulating the world and establishing important neural pathways. Drawn To Discover’s mission is to manifest creativity and self-confidence through interactive drawing and writing lessons. The lessons are designed to develop fine motor skills, handwriting, and visual literacy while teaching art, math, science, and more.

“How Early Handwriting and Literacy Instruction Can Improve Student Outcomes” (n.d.) Retrieved from https://drawntodiscover.com/blog/

I would encourage any parent whose child is struggling with fine-motor skills, reading and writing to signup for Drawn to Discover and make good use of the 7-day free trial! Click here and sign up today!

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