Be inspired

Who said school should be boring? Well, not in our home! 

We enjoy learning and have fun doing it! Yes, we do bookwork, but we take time to turn many learning exercises into an opportunity to do something fun, creative and out of the ordinary. Whether it is a science experiment, creating a history timeline or learning math facts, there is always time for (Fun)schooling in our home! 

As visual, kinesthetic learners my children comprehend so much better when they are actively involved in creating an “evidence of learning project” or ELP as we like to call it. At the end of a term, semester or year they can use these projects as a review before written or oral tests or exams. In the resource section, you will be able to find some useful help to incorporate into an ELP which will make planning such a project easier. Maps, lapbooks, interactive notebooks, notebooking pages, colouring pages, crafts and more are all incorporated into an ELP.

Having fun outside of our homeschool most of the times involves some learning taking place, although not apparent, even to the kids – they are still learning! When mom gets the chance to capture these moments, she will share some as well!

We will share some of our creations, art projects, kitchen fun, field trips and fun projects we found or did ourselves.

Enjoy a glimpse into our (Fun)schooling moments and be inspired to create more of those in your learning journey!


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