History in the spotlight

One of our favorite subjects in our homeschool is definitely HISTORY! Yes, history, our son basically spent 7 years of his early life living as a knight, dressed with armor and sword, battling fictional knights for hours on end or engrossed in his Lego collection of castles and knights. To this day (he is almost fifteen) he continues to love history because we immersed him in the story of the world since he was very young. I do believe his interest and love for the sport of fencing stems from this early exposure to history and the romanticism and mystery surrounding the Middle Ages still fascinates him. I recently found these valuable homeschool History resources, all free and truly amazing! Please share my post with your friends or anyone looking for a FREE literature-based World History curriculum. 

Have you heard about Heritage History? If not read on. What a spectacular find for a FREE literature-rich approach to teaching History! Everything on the site is available for free to download as either Pdf or Epub. There are over 500 complete texts available in the library, as well as curriculum guides, maps, geographical terms, timelines and more. Have a look through the link below, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sherry from is a homeschool mother of 15! (That by itself is a massive accomplishment) She created a free Pdf resource – very well planned and with all the information you need to make teaching the history of the Middle Ages extremely easy. Check out this link to the specific page on her blog…/the-ultimate-curriculum-guide-to-…/

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