Basic Language Skills (CURRICULUM PACK)

Teacher Guide for use with Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure, Not Too Small at All, and A Special Door (all sold separately). Basic Language Skills strengthens your student’s reading and writing skills through practical, hands-on instruction!

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Designed for 1st-grade students who have completed either Foundation’s Phonics or another phonics program, Basic Language Skills utilises fun lessons and engaging storybooks to explore reading, writing, punctuation, and capitalisation.

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Inspire a Love for Reading!

Your student has learned to read—now they are ready to experience the excitement of reading real books for themselves! Basic Language Skills utilises engaging, beautifully illustrated storybooks to encourage, inspire, and grow your student’s love for reading!

Through Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure, Not Too Small at All, and A Special Door (all sold separately), young students will explore the Grand Canyon, discover that God has a purpose for each of us, and learn how Salvation was illustrated through a very special door!


Easy on Parents, Fun for Students!

Through the pages of real books, interactive lessons, worksheets, and creating their own dictionary, students will discover the wonder of reading and communicating! Basic Language Skills features easy-to-follow, guided lessons and includes a daily schedule for completing the course in either a full or a half year:

  • Half Year: For students who have completed Foundations Phonics or another phonics program during the first semester of the school year.
  • Full Year: For students who completed a phonics program in kindergarten and are ready to begin Basic Language Skills in 1st grade.


Basic Language Skills Teacher Guide Features:

  • Flexible Daily Schedule
  • Lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Answer Key
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched