Really Digging Deeper for a Lasting Learning Experience

We are a History-loving family! May it be art history, music history or world history – it does not matter, we love them all! Many people loathe the subject matter of History, mainly because it was taught boringly or they weren’t able to draw connections between History and themselves. When we teach History to our kids, we start with what we believe our most significant source of reference is – the Bible. From Creation to the present day, there are many lessons to be learned through the history of man and woman! After I brought our 2018 journey with Ancient History to a halt, we picked up our favorite Afrikaans World History program – My Geskiedenis Avontuur developed by fellow South African Homeschooling mom, Rosa Scheepers earlier this year.

My motto for 2019 about our daughter’s learning experience is to create as much as possible time to dig deeper, to experience learning that will last through play and interactive sensory and creative means. So when we were reading about archeologists, and she showed a massive interest in how these scientists go about their digging, I decided to recreate a mini-dig site and let her explore the subject matter in an interactive set-up. She learned what a grid is and how grids can be used for various types of recordings, she recreated a 2-dimensional grid on paper to record her treasures.

We will draw from this experience when we start our geography journey after our holiday. We will refer to grids from the start of our geography lessons when she has to draw a plan of her own room, and then a plan of our neighborhood. This will be our basic introduction to the world of grids in geography.

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