Some people are suckers for freebies! I know, I am one of them! I have built up a gigantic digital library of homeschooling resources by subscribing to blogs and websites of other homeschooling moms. I also know families homeschool without any formal curriculum purchases but solemnly through free resources.

Another thing about me, I like to share! I want to share knowledge, and if that knowledge come in pre-packed 100% goodness and quality for free, then I have to shout it from the rooftops! Links to posts of 3rd parties containing freebies will be shared in most instances and specific freebies with permission, Bear in mind that I can not be held responsible if your experience with a product differs from mine, I share products I value for its content or have used in the past.

In this section, I hope you will be able to gather a selection of free resources that could benefit you in your learning journey, perhaps saving you time and money. I will also share resources that are well worth the price tag which is not available for free.

I will from time-to-time post my own products whether they are free or paid e-books, subscriptions or courses. If you want to be the first to know when this happens, make sure to subscribe to the blog, and always keep up to date when new content is added.

Have fun browsing here!

Helpful Resources

Exploring Nature Science Education Resource

Have you spent endless hours browsing the internet to find the perfect Nature Science resources? From pictures to color or illustrations to label or detailed pictures with labels for a project in LIFE, EARTH, and PHYSICAL SCIENCES, this is the go-to resource! More than 2000 illustrations of animals, organized according to class, or habitat, location …

Science, it’s a matter of faith

If your child ever attended public school, you will know that Creation Science is not what is taught at school…

History in the spotlight

One of our favorite subjects in our homeschool is definitely HISTORY! Yes, history…


Some people are suckers for freebies! I know, I am one of them!

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