Review: Gospel Reset

Gospel Reset that is what is needed in our world! This book definitely provides guidance on how to direct a conversation regarding the truth of the Gospel and to teach our kids how to defend their faith in God in the 21st Century.
We have a middle schooler who used to be in public and private schools all claiming to be Christian schools, but since we have been homeschooling, I realized how much confusion the hypocritic system of having Bible class but being taught secularised science and history must have caused him. Now he has a firm foundation again, explained through apologetics based on the record of Genesis, with the aid of Master Books as our curriculum.

This book is a must read if you have a Millennial in your home, but will also be an eye-opener to people who claim to be Christians, only to realize they are spending most of their time on the Greek road as Ken puts it. 
“Yes, we live in a very different world. As I said at the beginning, the gospel message hasn’t changed, but the way in which it needs to be presented in a secularised culture does need to change. The way to present the gospel does need to be reset in the world we now live in.”-Ken Ham 

Go ahead and see for yourself, find this resource and more from Master Books through this link

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

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