Review: Illustrated Family Bible Stories

A Family Bible Treasure

The Illustrated Family Bible Stories book is not just another compilation of Bible stories. It is, however, a treasure for your home, with shortened stories, beautiful illustrations and excellent bits of information about the story. Explaining terminology, concepts, ideas, and places through the use of sidebars filled with information and even small maps. In the Reference section at the back, there is also a Quiz to test your knowledge through 52 questions, and a two page spread to explain the “Who’s who” of the Bible. It is not only a Bible story book but a History book and a great source to use in your family Bible studies, Homeschool History and Church History courses. Published by New Leaf Press, it is utilized by MasterBooks in their Elementary Bible & English Grammar curriculum for Grades 4-6. Whether you are a homeschooling parent or not, the Illustrated Family Bible Stories will be a Bible book to be enjoyed by young and old.

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