Review: My Story and the World around me 1

Master Books once again take the struggle out your homeschool curriculum planning by providing a daily schedule which makes My Story 1 easy to follow. It is a social studies course directed at the child and starts at home, in a setting that each child is most familiar with. The authors, a father and son team, Craig and Andrew Froman addresses practical social examples a child can encounter. Just like the children in the Bible had sibling rivalry, kids today face the same challenges, but My Story 1 makes it easy for mom (or dad) to address these challenges in a fun way. This component is just the start of the child’s journey.
Children go on an adventure around the world to complete 4 Quests whereby they learn the value of their own family but also other cultures. Not only do they learn Spanish and French phrases and build up a vocabulary list, but they also get to know cultures from South America, Africa, Australia, Russia and more. They learn about modes of travel, houses around the world and how people live.

The main focus remains the child with many questions directed at the child, which leads to introspection and self-awareness and a greater understanding of God’s love. 
This book is a small treasure waiting to be opened by little discoverers. My Story 1 is an excellent introduction for early elementary learners into the wondrous world we live in, gently providing a foundation for further history, geography and culture studies as they get older. This level is written for Grades 1-2, but I think it could be used from K up to Grade 3, according to the child’s learning level.

Go ahead and see for yourself, find this resource and more from Master Books through this link

I received a complimentary copy of this curriculum from Master Books for review purposes.…/grade-le…/1st-grade/my-story-1

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