Review of Introduction to Logic

I have been researching a few Logic courses over the last couple of months for our soon to be American High School student. This review opportunity just arrived at the right time. I share my review of January here.

Review: Introduction to Logic (Student Text) from Master Books

Teenagers might think a course on logic is the least logic subject to study, but the author, Jason Lisle is touching on rather direct and tough questions where the terms faith and logic blends nonchalantly into one sentence. Questions that generally could arise through the teenage years whether the child was brought up with strong Biblical faith or not. The author does a great job of explaining the concepts wrapped up in each chapter. Like in Chapter 9 where it opens with “Is faith contrary to reason?” and continue to clarify the misconceptions people have about faith. Often it is this time in a teenager’s life when these misconceptions lead them away from God. The author however thoroughly explain why faith is not contrary to reason and directs the learner to scripture and decode it so that the student can understand what the logic behind the scripture is.
This method continues through the student text and is instrumental in delivering the central message – that faith, God, the Bible, and salvation are all logical.

The structure of the student text is not overwhelming, and in 38 relatively short chapters, it provides easily understood graphics, highlighting essential concepts, vocabulary and critical terms, whereby the learners can immerse themselves in the content, and build their logic skills.
The glossary in the back can be utilized by learners as a measure to test their understanding of concepts during and after the course. It can be a master list of terms to study and memorize or reference sheet when writing memory cards. Along with the worksheets, quizzes and more provided in the teacher’s guide, parents will be able to assess the child’s progress as well as comprehension into the subject matter.

This course could very well be the greatest investment parents make when homeschooling a Highschooler.

Review: A logical Teacher’s Guide
The Introduction to Logic – Teacher Guide from Master Books

No more guesswork is needed to devise a lesson plan through which you wish to equip your child to think critically about concepts parents tend to overlook. Known for well-planned Teacher guide’s, Masterbooks follow the same format for most if not all Teacher Guides, providing a yearly schedule, worksheets, additional practice sheets, quizzes, and a final exam. The inclusion of a short chapter review before each worksheet is a valuable tool for the learners and parents alike.

Answer keys to all worksheets, quizzes, and the exam are provided and do elaborate on most questions. These explanations are more directed at the parent; it serves as excellent guidance when assessing whether the learner grasps the concepts.

This course seems to be one not to be missed! Original review link below:

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