Review: One Blood for Kids

One Blood for Kids – What the Bible says about Race by Ken Ham is a book with thought-provoking truth and realities explained to kids. 
There is ONLY one race – the human race. Everything else is a lie and racism is a sin. That is the one fact that remains throughout the Bible, and One Blood for Kids beautifully explains it. This book is a must read and discussion starter for every family that is part of the “saved race.” We can no longer keep quiet about the sin of racism, while it eats at the flesh of society and people from all over the world are daily the subject of racism. In the book, you will also learn more about the history of the human race and how it is possible that there can be so many “people groups” scattered all over the world. It goes deeper into the science of what modern man refers to as skin color and provides new terminology we could all use; instead of color refer to shade.
With the guidance of this book, you will be able to discuss the sensitive matter from a Biblical viewpoint that not only make it clear to your children but also give them the ability to make others aware as to why racism is a sin and that only through Jesus can the battle against it be won. 
Who is the book for: 
I would suggest ages 6, and up even grandparents could be included. Not to say that younger children must be excluded, they should be included, but they might not fully comprehend everything in the book.
How can you use the book: 
If your family use Master Books curriculum, One Blood for Kids could be read alongside your science curriculum when studying the human body and working through the units on the skin. You can even include it as reading in your social science course, whether you are using My Story 1 or 2 or Elementary Geography & Cultures. It can also be used as a stand-alone to address race as a subject matter in your current daily life.
Most of all it is for every parent who wants to teach their children the truth as set out in God’s Word, that we are all one race.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

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