Review: World’s Story: The Middle Ages Vol


If you want your child to explore the history of the Middle Ages, I suggest you have a look at this inspiring curriculum by Master Books.

Volume 2 carries on where volume 1 left off with the fall of Rome. You can, however, do each volume as a standalone curriculum. The World’s Story 2 dives into the past in a delightful manner, it reads like a storybook, with narration breaks, meant for reflection and discussion. The course is aimed at learners Grade 6 through to Grade 8. It delves into Church history as the development of the early Christian Church played a major part in this era, it includes stunning photographs to enrich the learning experience and discusses various important people of the time. The in-depth look at the controversies people faced in this age provides the learners a chance to study, compare and reflect on the social, political, religious and educational development of the Middle Ages. Learners study the maps and geography of the countries greatly impacted through the Middle Ages and have the opportunity to understand how countries were created through various wars, hostile take-overs and the spread of the Early Christian Church.

A critical look at art and architecture enhances learners knowledge of the time we like to associate with great knights and warriors. Also in later chapters, the study of Early Renaissance art and the difference between art in the two era’s supplement the learners knowledge and cultivate art appreciation through the study of history.

The rise and influence of Islam, the division of the Muslim faith, fearless leaders like Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, King Richard the Lionheart and missionary stories are all woven through this wonderful resource. Truly providing a full view of world history at this era, as it studies countries from the East including Japan, Mongolia, India to Africa to Meso-American and Inca development alongside the rich history of the early church in what we now call Europe. The dark times of The Plague and country leaders like Ferdinand & Isabella, The Tudors, the wars between France and England and other influences that lead to the time of the Renaissance and Reformation are all topics of investigation.

I highly recommend this curriculum to provide a good foundation to World History, especially for learners interested in studying the Renaissance, this volume will provide much insight into reasons why the Renaissance was seen as the age of rebirth, renewal, and rediscovery.

To accompany this student text, you will also find a Teachers Guide, which will provide a full year World History Curriculum, complete with 180-day schedule, student activity sheets to create timelines, do map and art studies and complete research on critical thinking topics.

Go ahead and see for yourself, find this resource and more from Master Books through this link

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

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