Science, it’s a matter of faith

If your child ever attended public school, you will know that Creation Science is not what is taught at school. They will be bombarded with millions-of-years theories, evolution, and the big bang. When you homeschool, you have the choice to teach your children Creation Science. Here is a list of some of the greatest Creation-based science curriculums.

My favorite by far is Master Books! For the ease of planning, structure and implementation but also for the faith-building short lessons which direct our children to God with every new fact they come across. Our daughter will start her 2019 school year with God’s Design for Life for Beginners as a formal curriculum.

One of my favorite Christian viewpoint science activities includes the gentle introduction to science concepts Learning About Science Collection from Write Bonnie Rose. For the first exposure to science for our 8-year old, I decided to take this easy approach combined with living books and some encyclopedias she found interesting. Just because she showed an interest in science, I didn’t immediately want to jump in with a formal curriculum but rather wanted to provide small units of information with little to no busywork. Have a look at Bonnie’s website for more information.
Another great Hands-on activity to include into Life sciences are from Common Sense Press’s Great Science Adventures. The Our senses and Systems and How They Work was my first choice because we could dig deeper and create a visually appealing project that keeps both young and old entertained.

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