The Learning Journey.

We have a big family! Well, that is if we include all our four-legged children! 3 Dogs and 2 cats. Meet our dogs, Roxy the wire-haired fox terrier, Pippie, a wanna-be Jack Russel and Luna. We love our pets, even though they do test the children’s ability to sustain working (see the photos)! The beginning of 2018 we added Luna, the Ridgeback to our family, but boy oh boy has it been difficult to train Luna! Luna has eaten and tasted everything from our newly upholstered sofa to her own pillow and basket to the water pipes installed through the time of drought, to feed the washing machine from the water tank! Luna might be our most difficult learner to teach at the moment, and definitely causes the most chaos in our home but no one is able to resist those puppy eyes! Roxy joined our family in 2015 after we lost our beloved Kiekie, a Jack Russel. She was our son’s first pet which he received on his second birthday in 2006. Roxy has the most adorable eyes, and yet she has a fierce personality. I must say she is Momma’s baby.

Pippie became part of our tribe in 2016 when we lost our other Jack Russel, Scooby, he died from a snake bite. Little Pippie is a different kind of cute… When she joined the Burger household, she was so tiny and very much a Jack Russel, but as she grew we realized she is a cross between a Jack Russel and a Chihuahua. Ever seen the 2008 movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Chloe in the leading role? Then you know the story about the bark of a Chihuahua, and Pippie has perfected it.  Do you have four-legged family members joining your homeschool class? Share your laughter with us by commenting below!

Steph xxx